Who We Are

Brooklyn has always been a playground for artists, intellectuals, ballers and junkyard dogs. A place where an unmatched diversity of thought, perspective and talent gets thrown into a melting pot so it can reinvent itself to fit the times. People come. People go. Brooklyn changes. Brooklyn stays the same.

That’s the idea behind Brooklyn Point. Create an agency that addresses the constantly changing creative needs of startups and small businesses.

That’s why we designed a new kind of agency: a fully virtual one. We approach each client with a clean slate and reshape Brooklyn Point to fit your needs. Everything from the people who work on an account, to the way they work on it, is set up to ensure a perfect match for you. As a virtual agency, we turn to a limitless collection of designers, writers, art directors, producers, interactive developers and account managers to find the best talent for your business. We’re not constrained by in-house limitations and you’re not stuck paying for any more or less than what you need. So while our contact info may be constant, everything else about us is constantly changing to fit you.

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